Gelli Print Fridays #3: How to make DIY Gelli Pinwheels

Hello everyone! This is the second post of today – earlier I posted about Sketch N Scrap Card Sketch which you can view it here.

Today on Gelli Print Fridays, I would like to share about how to make your own pinwheels. Basically, you can use any paper you like to make paper pinwheels. But with gelli prints, you can make one of the kind, unique pinwheels because with gelli prints you can almost always get different effects and unique prints!

gelli print pinwheels

How I made these pinwheels:

Supplies: Gelli prints ( printed on whatever paper you like, I used plain typing paper, preferred adhesive (gluedot/liquid glue/glue gun), skewers, scissors, shaped scissors, buttons, brads or shaped paper punch.

Pinwheel Tutorial

1. Cut a square of the gelli prints. It has to be a perfect square – you can choose whatever size you preferred for your finished pinwheel. I made several sizes but I mostly cut them to 5×5 inches. The largest was 7.5×7.5 inches.  I gelli printed on both sides (front and back) of typing paper. Fold one square into a triangle by folding along the diagonal. (See arrow)

2. Fold the triangle into half again.

3. Then use scissors to cut a small portion of the triangle, starting from a short distance from the centre to the outer side.

Pinwheel Tutorial4. Repeat on the side of the triangle.

5. Use a shaped scissors to cut off the edge of the point of the triangle. It is just to give an interesting look to the finished pinwheel. You can skip this step if you prefer a typical curved pinwheel. Instead just cut off to the end of the point in step (3) and (4).

6. Glue the pointed ends towards the centre. Alternate each “petal point”. You can use any adhesive you like, but I just prefer the glue gun as it is faster. (be careful not to burn yourself)

finished pinwheel

7. For the centre of the pinwheel, I used buttons and brads. You can use punched paper shapes if you like.

finished pinwheel

8. Glue the skewer to the back of the pinwheel. Other alternatives : any sticks, dowel rods, straws, recycled balloon sticks. The pinwheel is completed.

Pinwheel flowers in a vase

You can display them in mason jars or vase. You can use different lengths of sticks (dowel rods/skewers) and achieve a nicer arrangement.


Gelli pinwheels decorating my garden!

I hope you will give gelli pinwheels a try. Sometimes it is hard to find double sided patterned paper; so this is great for making your own. With the gelli plate, it is so much fun and you can create customised and unique patterns. Therefore, the pinwheels are all unique and interesting too. You can also make smaller versions as embellishments for cards or scrapbook layouts; perhaps also as a cupcake topper. Possibilities are endless, isn’t it!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Check out my previous posts on how I used my gelli prints here and here. Thanks for stopping by and Happy crafting!


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