Gelli Prints Friday!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share today’s post on Gelli Prints. Every Friday in November, I will post about how I use my Gelli prints in my papercrafting adventures!

A little intro about Gelli Printing. It’s a product by Gelli Arts – a gel printing plate, looks like a gelatin plate but it is durable reusable and stores in room temperature. You can use it for printmaking and create lots of fun projects.

Printmaking is super fun and addicting! I won’t go in about the history of printmaking and the different types and technique of printmaking. But the general idea of what printmaking is creating artworks by printing or the process of transferring an image from a matrix to a substrate. Matrix referred in this case can be made of glass, acrylic glass or non-porous material, cardboard, fabric or textured materials. Substrate referred to as the surface being printed on – such as fabric, paper, metal, stone, wood etc

Of course, to play with the gelli plate, you don’t need fancy paper. You can use junk mail, magazines, copy paper, maps, newsprint, manila folders, basically whatever you can think of or whatever it’s lying around in your house. This will encourage experimentation and not fear of wasting precious supply of papers and saves money. As for colors, you can use acrylic paints or stamping inks.

The supplies used for my gelli prints adventure – I used mainly copy paper, acrylic paints, stencils and the printing plate.   A brayer is quite essential to spread the paint around.You can also create texture with the prints by including bubble wrap, lace, strings, leaves, dried flowers, feathers etc. Interesting patterns or shapes can be made using stamps as well. Once you start playing, it’s hard to stop. Prints after prints – even ghost print (a print pulled from the remaining image left on the plate after the first print) are lovely!

The gelli plates come in many shapes and sizes available. I have the 8×10 inch gelatin plate. When I play with the printing plate, there is the mystery of what my print will look like. Most of the time, there is the surprise element with happiness when I pull my prints. It’s like what Forest Gump say, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get“. Many times I say “Cool!” and my husband often wondered what I am mumbling to myself or why my hands are covered with paints.

Gelli Plate Printing

Some of the prints I made using stencils, DIY combs, bubble wraps and acrylic paints.

For today, I want to share what I made using these prints.  Cards.. lots of them… I used the prints as background for my cards. I included photos taken from the side to reflect the shiny metallics captured in different angle of lighting. For this set of Thank You cards I used Waffle Flower Crafts lotus stamp set for the flower images and sentiment. Most of the cards I heat embossed them in white embossing powder so that it would stand out more from the background.

 Heartfelt Thanks card

Heartfelt Thanks card side view

Heartfelt Thanks card


Heartfelt Thanks card

Heartfelt Thanks card side view

Heartfelt Thanks card

Heartfelt Thanks card side view

For this card, on this print, I did not use metallic paint on it. However you can see the different texture of the bubble wrap effect and the homemade comb using old gift cards.

For the following thank you cards, I used Hero Arts Stamp & Cut Thanks set. I heat embossed the sentiments with either Hero Arts white embossing powder or Judikins Black Opal embossing powder for it to stand out in the background.

Thanks card

Thanks card side view

Thanks card

Thanks card

I also made some Christmas cards with these prints. The sentiments I used are from Hero Arts Merry Christmas Message stamp set. Basically you can make whatever cards since I am using the these prints as background paper. These prints can be used by itself as blank note-cards as well.

Peace and Joy card Christmas card

With these cards, I am playing along some card challenges – Virginia’s View Texture Challenge and Simon Wednesday Thanksgiving Challenge.  I love playing along challenges on crafting blogs. It’s always inspiring and it challenges me to make something different.

Hope that you might want to play with the gelli plate after this blog post. I will say to you, “Go for it!” lol Explore the different possibilities, sky is the limit! Perhaps you have made wonderful creations with the gelli plate and shared it on social media; leave a comment with a link – I would love to check out what you have created.

For more information of the gelli plate and inspiration, you can check them out on their website. Stay tune for next week on what else I will use these prints for! Thanks for stopping by and Happy crafting!

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