Layout Share – from August Homemade Kit

Hello everyone! Today I have a couple of layouts to share with you. I was on a roll yesterday with scrapbooking! I wanted to share briefly of the stories of the layouts documented too .

I need a tripod scrapbook layout

I will start with the funniest story – My friend was asked to take a photo of a group of friends, but his hands were shaky from all the climbing – so he need a tripod. Obviously we didn’t have one; he used another’s friend’s head to balance the camera. A funny sight.. but hats off to the creativity to get a great shot! His professionalism as the photographer – great job!

couple? scrapbook layout

Selfies of the bros! They took a lot of selfies because when we went on the trail, all of us were couples and he was alone. His wife was on another trail; so these selfies were so that he don’t feel left out? lol The layout seems a little bit girly because of the doily – but everything is stuck down so well, I really didn’t want to rip it and start all over. But it’s cute I guess. lol

Buttermilk falls scrapbook layout

We were lucky enough to have another hiker who was there at the falls to take the group photo. The path to the Buttermilk Falls was a rocky path and we were the only ones doing it. So glad we went on the path to discover this view from the bottom.

Have a quiet moment scrapbook layout

I had some time to enjoy the scene. But if we were not pressed for time, I think it would have been so nice to take more time to just relax and listen to the waters. The beauty of nature is just so amazing.

cutie girl scrapbook layout

It’s always nice to have someone else’s cute baby to take photos with! It’s also very nice when the baby doesn’t cry when we hold her. She is one cute kid – growing up so fast!

Ramen for lunch scrapbook layout

Scrapping about lunch! So good to have japanese ramen – but we were there so early, we had to wait for it to be open. Loved the decor of the restaurant too. They had bamboo walls (well bamboo partition) A fun day meeting with an old friend!

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting.


2 thoughts on “Layout Share – from August Homemade Kit

  1. Oh what super fun layouts too see 🙂 The first one is so cool and I love how you ended them all with a foodie layout 🙂 Some great tourist layouts and family layout too


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